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Food-related cargos


In addition to dry warehouses, our Kobe branch has fridge-freezers and fumigators for imported fruits and vegetables, catering to various logistics needs concerning foods. As to importing / exporting foods, our company will provide one-stop services from customs, transportation by container, container vanning and de-vanning, carry-in / carry-out, storage, to assembly. In addition, storage can be done at the appropriate quality and temperature. Logistics centers operations for delivery to stores are also provided.


Enhanced facilities and one-stop services that enable effective logistics

Our Kobe branch has fridge-freezers and fumigators for imported fruits and vegetables at Rokko Island. Storage by temperature zones will keep the quality of foods in custody unchanged; one-stop services will enable high-quality and effective transportation.


Value-added logistics and assembly

Our company can provide processing procedures such as sorting, packing (boxes), or sorting / packing (bags) / labeling for sales at stores. We will reduce the lead time to deliver products kept fresh to stores. We can also handle ripen imported fruits.


Operation of logistics centers for the delivery to shops

Our company will handle the inventory management, picking, carry-out of multiple items, surely and promptly, according to your needs. Fridge-freezers are available in addition to dry warehouses.