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1935 June launched port transport business at Osaka Bay
1949 October established FUJIWARA LOGISTICS CO., LTD.
1950 April opened Kobe branch and started port transport business at Kobe Bay
1951 July
obtained license of inboard cargo handling business and coast cargo handling business at Osaka Bay and Kobe Bay.
Signed agency contract with Kuribayashi Steamship and inboard cargo handling exclusive contract with Yamato Transportation Co., Ltd.
1952 December received consignment of inboard/ coast cargo handling business from Nakayama Steel Works Ltd, due to resumption of their operation.
Established base of current Hanshin division.
1954 November obtained General Section Cargo Automobile Transport Business License which is basic license for land transport division
1959 June received consignment from Central Glass Co., Ltd for all process related to its construction of new factory in Sakai, from bringing in row material to product transportation, and opened Sakai local office (current Sakai division)
1961 April opened Nagoya local office (current Nagoya branch), and expanded business to transportation of ready-mixed concrete in Chukyo area.
1963 September received consignment from Central Glass Co., Ltd for all process related to its construction of new factory in Matsuzaka,from factory operation to product transportation, and opened Matsuzaka local office (current Matsuzaka division)
1968 August constructed Kobe branch Maya warehouse at Maya quay at Nada ward, Kobe-city
1969 September opened Ichinomiya operation office (current Nagoya branch)
1970 June opened Nanko local office (current Osaka branch)
1971 April expanded business to Komatsu quay at Senbokuko, constructed senboku warehouse and opened Senboku local office (current Osaka branch)
1973 February established Osaka Bay branch and unified port transport divisions (current Osaka branch)
1975 April increased capital to 349,000,000JPY
1977 April expanded business to Osaka Minami Port Liner Quay (L7), and secured connecting shed and cargo handling facility (current Osaka branch)
1981 February expanded business toi Kobe- Rokko Island, and established Rokko terminal local office (current Kobe branch)
1982 October constructed shed on Rokko terminal (current Kobe branch)
1984 April
established Settsu distribution warehouse (current Hanshin division)
Funamachi division obtained Tsurumachi warehouse at Osaka-city Taisho ward (current Hanshin division)
1988 May established Fukuoka service office to build business structure for Kyushu region. (currently under Osaka branch's control)
1989 October established Himeji service office to build business structure for Hyogo west region. (current Hanshin division)
1991 March
increased capital to 6 hundred million JPY.
constructed Himeji service center Shirahama 1st and 2nd distribution center (current Hanshin division)
1992 June opened Iga service center in Mie prefecture (current Matsuzaka division)
1994 August established Fukuoka division and opened Wakamatsu service office (currently under Osaka branch's control)
1996 May merged Funamachi division and land transport division into Hanshin division.
1998 April
Hanshin division opened Takatsuki distribution center.
Kobe branch (Rokko) constructed 2nd Fujiwara PD center.
2002 July merged Chubu Fujiwara Transportation Co., Ltd and opened Nagoya branch.
2003 March opened Tokyo branch in Yokohama-city, Naka-ward.
2004 March opened Maya fresh center in Kobe city as processing factory (current Kobe branch)
2004 March Head office and Sakai service center obtained ISO9001 certificate.
2008 March reduced capital to 300 million JPY.
2009 January merged Fujiwara system service and opened information system office.
2009 March ISO9001: the 2008 version of the standard was approved and registered at the head office, Sakai division.
2010 December Kobe branch received certification commonly known as G-mark for fiscal year 2010.
2011 February Osaka branch obtained 3rd and 4th warehouse in Izumiotsu-city, Shiomi town.
2012 August Head office and Osaka branch obtained Green Management Certificate.
2012 September relocated Nagoya branch Kagamihara service office to Kagamihara city in Gifu prefecture.
2014 February opened Kobe branch Rokko west distribution center at Rokko Island.
2014 November opened subsidiary company
Fujiwara Logistics Vietnam Co., Ltd. (FLVC) in Ho chi minh, Vietnam.
2015 December Matsuzaka division received certification commonly known as G-mark for fiscal year 2015.
2017 June Opened Kansai International Airport office for putting effort into international air cargo handling.
2018 September Obtained permission of “Worker Dispatching Undertaking” at Osaka branch.
2018 November Authorized by Osaka Customs as an AEO Customs Broker
2019 October reached 70th anniversary since established in 1949.