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Our company can also transport mega-cargos such as large machine tools, plants, construction machines, various tanks, bullet trains, and construction materials such as precast or curtain wall.


Mega-cargos that cannot be directly carried into transporting vehicles or ships have to be disintegrated first, carried in, and re-integrated at the destination, enabling domestic and international transportations. From among 20-ton / 40-ton heavy trailers or low-bottom trailers owned by us or affiliated companies, we will pick the vehicle best suited for your mega-cargos to provide the safest, surest, and most effective transportation plan including carry-in, transportation route or time frame, based on our expertise. Storage, customs, packing, and transportation to, integration and set up at the destination are also available.


One-stop services from disintegration to integration and set-up at the destination

Mega-cargos some of the time need to be disintegrated for transportation. For example, in exporting machines, disintegration, transportation by land, packing, customs, embarkation, transportation to the destination, integration and final set-up are required, which can be dealt with as one-stop services by our company.


Domestic and international networks

Using effectively our domestic and global network including our affiliated companies, our company will safely and promptly bring your mega-cargos to anywhere around the world.


Sure-fire safety and quality

The transportation of heavy cargos or mega-cargos require many a technology and know-how. Our company excels in it based on technologies and know-hows nurtured by our long experience in harbor-linked logistics, providing quality safe services.