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The staff of our company will accept your request and deal with the entry and departure of goods, manage quality, and processing products, from inside your company's factories and distribution centers. We will use our know-hows, built upon the 80 years of knowledge we have gained in service, to our best to present you the most efficient line of work. Please be at rest for the staff we place at each position is definitely a first-class expert at what they do.

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Work in the factory

The staff of our company will do the distribution work such as the loading the raw material, processing, packaging, managing, entry and departure, and domestic delivery on behalf of your factories. We will support you by following your work manual to keep the quality of work at a certain level as we safely and reliably do your job.


Distribution center work

The staff of our company will manage your storage, check the outputs and inputs, inspect the products, do the distribution process, and etc. on behalf of your distribution centers. By entrusting us with your distribution, you can concentrate on more core components of your business. Sometimes, we may offer advice from a professional perspective to increase efficiency in distribution. Additionally, we can also offer a service station business for cement distribution.