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FUJIWARA UNYU CO.,LTD. (hereafter "our company") hereby declares that we will provide our customers with safety, satisfaction, and trust and that taking into account the importance of the protection of personal information, we as follows set the policies concerning the personal information of customers, suppliers, and employees, etc., and will strictly implement and maintain them.


Our company will strictly observe all the related laws, other policies or guidance set forth by the authority concerning the personal information including but not limited to employees’ dealt with in the course of all of our businesses.


Upon acquiring and using personal information, our company will first specify the purposes of the use and will not use the information acquired for the purposes other than those predetermined.
Our company also will take appropriate measures to prevent unnecessary uses.


Our company will not provide the acquired personal information to a third party, except for the cases when the owner of the personal information gives consent or related laws require.


When our company receives a complaint about or is inquired of our dealing with personal information, our company will immediately investigate the related facts and take appropriate measures within a reasonable period of time.


In order to appropriately secure the acquired personal information, we will take necessary safety measures, organizational, personal, physical or technical, and proceed with the prevention and correction of the leak, loss or destruction of personal information.

Created on 1st Oct. 2015 by FUJIWARA UNYU CO.,LTD.

Call for information on how we handle the personal information at the number below:

06-6581-1471(country: Japan, +81-6-6581-1471), FUJIWARA UNYU CO.,LTD., available from 9AM to 17PM, on weekdays only