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Hanshin Logistic Division Tsurumachi Warehouse Department

Address 1-1-40, Tsuru-machi, Taisho-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu 551-0023 Japan
FAX 81-(0)6-6552-6769
Contents of Operation Port Transportation, Business Warehouse
Handling Cargo 1 Steel (coil), 2 Steel (iron plate) , 3 Steel (section steel), 4 Steel (stainless products), 5 Steel (square pipe), 6 Housing Construction Material, 7 Machinery, 8 Imported goods, and others.

Features of Tsurumachi Warehouse Division

■ Optimal logistics environment

We have 2 warehouse, 1 facility with 52,152㎥ of site area and 28,863㎥ of warehouse area, and quay wall that 499 coastal vessel can berth, in Taisho-ku Tsurumachi area. Our office is at optimum location for logistic center, as we can easily access to Hanshin Expressway from Namihaya bridge and Shinkizukawa bridge,

■ Efficient loading and unloading work

As overhead crane is installed to each warehouse, we can provide efficient loading/ unloading operation. At the Tsurumachi First Warehouse, cargo can be loaded to warehouse directly from coastal vessel, we can provide smooth operation of loading to and from vessel.

■ Handling of various cargo

Our staff are expert in quality control and safety management of steel related products as we deal with products from different manufacturers'.
On top of steel products, we also handle various cargo such as construction material, import/ export machinery and general goods.
We introduce integrated transport system through land and sea by coordinated with Funamachi service office land transportation department at Hanshin division, therefore, we can respond to clients' request rapidly and effectively.


Tsurumachi Warehouse

Address 1-1-40, Tsuru-machi, Taisho-ku, Osaka-shi, Japan
Site Area38,364㎡
Warehouse Area 16,058㎡
Bonded Shed 18,765㎡ (open storage yard 6,903㎥)
Structure Steel Construction
Handling Machinery 14 Ceiling Portal Crane 5t-20t
10 Fortlift 2.5t-10t

Tsurumachi First Warehouse

Address 5-6-16, Tsuru-machi, Taisho-ku, Osaka-shi Japan
Site Area13,788㎡ (Custom Bond)
Warehouse Area 12,805㎡ (open storage yard 2,791㎥)
Structure Steel Construction
Handling Machinery 7 Crane 5t-20t
5 Forklift 2.5t-20t
Wharf Water Depth 3.5m

Taisho inner harbor 11 quay

Address 2-5, Kitaokajima, Taisho-ku, Osaka-shi, Japan
Site Area4,956㎡ (Custom Bond 4,147㎡)
Handling Machinery 1 Jib Crane 30t
1 Forklift 4t
1 Forklift 13.5t"
Wharf Water Depth 5.5m