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Sakai Division

Address Chikkominami-machi 4, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka, 590-0987 Japan
FAX 81-(0)72-222-7118
Contents of Operation Land Transportation, Factory Process, Warehouse Business
Handling Cargo 1 Raw Materials of Glass (silica sand, dolomite, cullet), 2 Glass Products (glass for construction, multi-paned glass), 3 Parts for Construction, 4 Anhydrous Gypsum and others

Feature of Sakai Division

■ A variety of means of transport

We use not only short distance and long distance truck, but also ship to transport cargo.
As we have quay wall in our facility that coastal vessal can berth, we can provide landing and shipping service.

■ Consistency distribution system (3PL)

As a partner company of major glass company, we receive consignment for all glass production proces from transportation of raw material, warehouse process, strage operation, loading/ unloading at warehouse to product transportation.

■ Safety management

"Focusing on glass products, we handle various cargo such as construction material.
We are always dedicated to safe operation and safe transportation, and proudly earn a great trust from our clients."

■ ISO 9001 certification

In March 2004 Head office and Sakai service office received ISO 9001: 2000 certificate.
In March 2009, we also received ISO 9001: 2000.
As we are always aiming to improve quality of our service, we will continue to make a sincere effort.


Prefectural No. 9 shed

Site Area3,602㎡
Warehouse Area 525㎡
Wharf Water Depth 5.5m

Sakaidai District 3 Kamiyashiki

Site Area3,046㎡
Wharf Water Depth 7.5m


Vehicle Number Handling Cargo, Packaging Transportation range Equipment, Spec
Truck 13 (7 with Awning) Glass Products and others Whole country 13t

Cargo Handling Vehicle

Vehicle Number Handling Cargo, Packaging Equipment, Spec
Shovel Loader 6 Raw Materials for Glass Packet volume 0.6㎥ ~ 1.8㎥
Forklift 22 3.0- 7.0t
Electric rolling stock 4