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Hansin Division Settsu Warehouse Department

Address 3-9-4, Torikai-nishi, Settsu-shi, Osaka, 566-0072 Japan
FAX 81-(0)72-654-3404
Contents of Operation Warehouse Business, Land Transportation
Handling Cargo 1 Aluminum Coil, 2 Empty Bottle and Can, 3 Food 4 Machinery, 5 General Goods and others

Feature of Settsu Warehouse Department

■ Optimal logistics base

As it is located close Suita Exit of Meishin Expressway, Chugoku Expressway, Kinki Expresswayand North Osaka truck terminal, our office is operating as dostibution center for whole Kinki region and western part of Japan.

■ Integrated logistics system

As we introduce integrated logistic system in cooperation with safekeeping, stock and forwarding and transportation department, we cab respond to clients' urgent orders.
We also utilize online system to provide prompt and accurate inventry management.

■ Logistics system to meet the needs of our customers

We have the forklift to 1.5t - 18t to support a variety of freight. In addition, as for us, the customers gives a favorable reception to the quality control of the freight by the introduction of the battery forklift.


Settsu Logistic Center

Address 3-9-4, Torikai-nishi, Settsu-shi, Osaka, Japan
Site Area6,845㎡
Warehouse Area 3,875㎡
Structure Steel Construction
Handling Machinery 1 Forklift 18t
1 Forklift 16t
1 Forklift 6t
1 Forklift 3t
1 Forklift 2.8t
2 Battery-powered Forklift 1.5t