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Osaka Branch Senboku Logistic Division, Operations Department 2

address 〒595-0054
116-3-2F Shiomi-cho, Izumi Otsu-shi, Osaka-fu Japan
TEL81-(0)725-33-3787 / 81-(0)725-23-2711
FAX 81-(0)725-33-3797 / 81-(0)725-23-2811
Contents of Operation 1.RORO ship loading duties (shipping documents making, entry, the mother ship ship's side forwarding
2.Container vanning work(entry, vanning work, the container forwarding)
3 export inspection connection (examination of export representation of the various forwarding place correspondence). ※Possibility partly for repair
4.Domestic sending by land (taking care of sending by land from auction)
Handling Cargo 1 Export Used Car, 2 Heavy Construction Machinery, 3 Bike and others

Feature of Osaka Branch Senboku Logistic Division, Operations Department 2

■ Pioneer of the used car export

We perform all import and export, domestic transportation business associated services of the used car. we have an export base mainly on the export trade of the used car which we started in November, 1992 in Rokko Island in Sakai Senboku Port, the Kobe area in the Osaka area and provide export support.

In addition, we cope with not only the export with the ship for exclusive use of the car but also the container export handling by our vanning.

■ The physical distribution base which is connected directly with the sea route

All facilities which we own exist in the head of a harbor district and can cope with the work of various forms of both import and export.

In addition, it is next to the quay where a mother ship of the 20,000 tons grade can arrive at.

■ West Japan's greatest used car stockyard

We have approximately 20,000 Tsubo of stockyard for exclusive use of vehicle that can hold the 3,000 cars, with infrared sensor and car washing facilities.
We accept vehicle carry in from 8:30 to 16:45 on weekdays and 8:30 to 11:45 for Saturday.
※ Please note that business hours may temporary change in accordance with our company's calendar..

■ Export Vehicle Related Services

We provide service throughout from the taking cargo from an auction place to yard import, forwarding agents operation, custom clearance and the mother ship quay.

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