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Osaka Branch Fukuoka Service Office Okawa Logistic Center

address 831-0077 Japan
10-3, Dokaijima, Okawa-shi, Fukuoka prefecture,
FAX 81-(0)944-86-7180
Contents of Operation Warehouse Business, Land Transportation, Marine Cargo Handling
Handling Cargo 1. Imported wood 2. Building Materials 3. Furniture 4. Plastic Products 5. Marine container other

Feature of Okawa Logistic Center

Logistics network

In Okawa (home of furniture), we have our logistic centre where we mainly handle imported timber. We have marine containers at Hakata port, Moji that can transport heavy goods to Okawa and nearby cities.

Integrated logistics system

We introduce integrated logistic system that includes transport and store goods from port to you, and also loading and unloading goods from containers.
We are happy to provide our service to you.


Okawa Logistic Center

Site Area4,996㎡
Warehouse Area 2,769㎡
Structure Steel Construction
Handling Machinery "Container Banning workbench Forklift up to 4t"


Vehicle Number Handling Cargo, Packaging Areas of Transportation Equipment, Spec
4t 1 Furniture materials, wood other Suburbs Flat body