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Graduate recruitment

Recruitment number of persons 5~10 peoples(Four years university and Junior College 2019 March graduation prospective)
Recruitment department

All departments, all courses


Job description ・Office work generalist ・Logistics department /Import and export office work,Customs office work, Storage and retrieval management office work, Service management office work
Working place

Osaka (Osaka-shi, Izumiotsu-shi), Hyogo (Kobe-shi), Kanagawa (Yokohama-shi, Kawasaki-shi), Chiba (Funabashi-shi)

Initial salary


University graduate: Base salary / 187,200 yen, various allowances / 13,000 yen , total / 200,200 yen (results in fiscal year 2018)
Junior-college-graduate: Base salary / 162,400 yen, various allowances / 13,000 yen , total / 175,400 yen (results in fiscal year 2018) * Various allowances content / life auxiliary supply (13,000 yen)
Other various allowances: skills allowance, family allowance , commutation allowance, overtime allowance, some housing allowance
Bonus Twice a year (July・December)
Salary increase Once a year
Working hours 8:30-17:30(rest 12:00-13:00) ※ It's different depending on working places.
Holiday vacation Sunday, holiday, Saturday, Summer holidays (4days), The year-end and New Year vacation (6days), condolence leave , Child care family care vacation
Paid vacation After joining 6 months, 10 days, thereafter increased by one day per year (up to 20 days)
Welfare Health insurance, Welfare pension, Employment insurance, Workers' compensation insurance, Retirement plans, Asset-building savings, Medical checkup

Education and training


New employee training, training for a variety of qualifications, outside seminar participation
Selection method Interview, aptitude test
Recruitment Resume, transcripts, certificate of expected graduation


Charge / head office management section affairs division Hozumi

TEL:06-6581-1471 (alternate) / FAX:06-6584-2244

Entry for internship


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